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Research into new areas is essential for the ongoing progress of analysis. Whether it be an in-depth exploration of a strategy, analysis of a new indicator, or insightful explanations and discoveries within Equilla. The research category presents new insights into specific areas, relating to and aiding with algorithms. Focused primarily on systematic and objective answers to trading queries, it encompasses all elements of analytical inquiry in relation to financial markets. The research will look at a broad spectrum of data and indication tools used to decipher clear meaning from markets and their prices.

R-Squared Arrows


What is R-Squared? As a statistical tool, R-squared is a measure of how well the regression predictions fit a set of real data points. It measures the disparity between the linear regression and the underlying data it follows. If programmed out, this can be used as a useful tool for traders. As the calculation indicates how closely the linear regression

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Outperformance Portfolio Backtest

Outperformance: Find the right Stocks to beat the Index

Whenever you try to beat an index you will have to be invested in an asset which outperforms your benchmark. This article is about how to calculate outperformance and how to make use of it. In its most simple definition outperformance just means that one asset is performing better than an other asset. But this simple definition is not enough for investors.

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