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Equilla is an easy to learn but powerful formula based language. All functions, indicators and strategies in Tradesignal are written in Equilla. The special benefits of Equilla are the extensions for the trading business. They allow you to translate your ideas about finance and analyses into executable routines. This way, you can write your own strategies, indicators or other applications for the various software components of Tradesignal. To quickly get accustomed to Equilla, we recommend familiarity with a programming language. However, you can also learn to tap the potential of Equilla by analyzing and editing available Equilla code (e.g. customizing an indicator). In our articles of this category you learn the basics about Equilla.

Master and Slave chart strategy on the Oil and SNP

The Master and Slave chart strategy- Generating signals on one market, trading them on another.

What is the master and slave chart? Multiple markets are related to each other. Sometimes a movement in one market can create an opportunity in one or several other markets. This can have useful consequences and open a wealth of opportunities across asset classes. This is where the Master and Slave chart strategy comes into play. His Master’s voice. If

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